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Welcome to our Custom Creations Collection where fitness meets self-expression in the most stylish way. We are currently offering two exceptional sports bras, the BADGER and the JVINI, on which any one of our nine custom designs can be printed.


The BADGER sports bra is engineered for intense workouts and is a true athlete's ally. It has gained acclaim among a range of disciplines – from gymnast and cheerleaders to dancers and dedicated runners. Its exceptional performance and unwavering comfort set the bar high.


For those seeking a blend of style and functionality, the JVINI sports bra stands out with its chic design, crisscross back straps, long line style and wide bottom band. It is ideal for yoga enthusiasts or for those simply seeking a stylish top to compliment a pair of jeans, shorts or a cute skirt.


NOTE: While the JVINI sports bra's image currently lacks a design, it is important to note that the design featured on the Badger sports bra will be replicated and printed onto the JVINI sports bra.


Whether it's your mantra, a splash of sass, or something that's just so 'you, say it in style. DIA FI where your sports bra isn't just gear, it's about making a statement that’s uniquely yours. Step into the future of fitness fashion. Own your style, crush those workouts, and be part of the revolution. Your fit, your vibe – that's DIA FI.

While we currently only offer the BADGER AND JVINI sports bras, we envision expanding our Custom Creations Collection to include more bra styles in the near future. So check back occasionally for updates on our evolving collection.

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